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No, I didn't block you on Instagram

getting back to basics

Mon Nov 08 2021

If you've tried to get find me on instagram and twitter recently, you may have noticed that I've gone MIA. No, I didn't block you.

I've felt an increasing amount of anxiety lately, which I've attributed to social media and feeling too connected and accessible. I'm constantly bombarded with messages and notifications (weird flex), all while feeling that my online social interactions are void of anything meaningful. I like sharing my photos, but I hate getting comments, messages, and likes. I initially tried to combat this by turning off comments on my post and that helped a little, however, I continued to feel anxiety around social media apps.

So we're going back to basics.

I've deactivated my twitter and instagram and am feeling much better. If/when i'll reactivate them is unclear. My plan is to leverage my website and blog a little more. It's a publicly accessible place for people to stay up to date with what I'm doing, and is geared towards those who care to seek it out. It'll also give me more of a reason to improve the technology that powers it, since if you remember, I built this all by hand!

In the spirit of going back to basics, here are some film photos that I took on my new (produced in the 70's) Pentax KX camera! 💕

Brandon and Pepper

Gettin Burgers

Twenty Victoria

Pink Wall Portrait

Gooderham and Skyline

Anyways, thank you for listening and hopefully i'll see you soon.

Written by Brandon Mowat
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